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School History

EIRIS – Spain

The Eirís International School, became part of the SEK International Institution in 1992. Previously known as Eirís School, it was founded in 1958 by four university educators who set up in a small flat in the Plaza de María Pita. During the school year 1966-67 they moved to the current building that has been extended over the years.

The Eirís International School is located on the hill of Eirís, with easy access to the city. It has excellent communications and an infrastructure of trained personnel to provide high quality learning.

With the incorporation into the SEK International Institution in 1992, the school took a fundamental step and became part of one of the most important private educational institutions in the world.

From that moment, various improvements have been undertaken in all areas, from the provision of new roofs for both sports and recreational areas, as is necessary in a city like La Coruña to enable use in all weather, the installation of new computer rooms and the Virtual Library, forming part of a server network that allows our students to access the internet, a pioneering factor in the 90s, the launch of our first video conferencing system, through a complex network of satellite dishes, the installation of digital whiteboards in all its classrooms, the implementation of iPads and digital books for group work (again pioneers throughout Galicia) and a focus on a much more active education, to the expansion of reception areas, a new latest generation Mac classroom, 3D printers, and innumerable improvements in all teaching processes.

All of this, without neglecting the enormous potential for learning that students can enjoy by participating in international programs, both for the improvement of the English language, in the United States or in the United Kingdom, as well as in cultural and sports exchanges around the world, or Green Week, something unique, at one of our sister schools in Central America. Endless possibilities are available to students.

Currently, we are undertaking a new important project with the purchase of land located next to our present facilities, where the construction of new sports areas and a highly advanced dining room will take place, to continue offering a high quality service to our students.

In 2017, our Institution celebrated its 125th anniversary, something that undoubtedly allows us to continue aspiring to BE BETTER.

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