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Educational project

School EIRIS – Spain

The SEK International Institution, founded in 1892 is an educational organization encompassing kindergarten, primary and secondary education at the international schools, and higher education at the university campuses.

All of the SEK schools and campuses are accredited in their countries, which currently consist of 24 schools in Spain, Chile, Guatemala, Hungary, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, South Africa, England, Mexico, Colombia and The United States, as well as 3 universities in Chile and Ecuador.

Our mission is to provide innovative education, through a personalized approach and an international focus, with a special emphasis on the personal growth of students.

Our mission statement is comprised of the following concepts:

Our mission statement is a proposal to stipulate, in specific activities, the aim of education, which is one of the basic rights of all humans, according to the United Nations (and other international organizations) and appears in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

Education must provide the means for each student to attain their best results and realize their full potential. Every student is special and unique, as is their potential and what they can achieve throughout their lifetimes.

This Mission Statement contains three vital elements:

  • The definition of character will be reinforced to each student in their search for their own identity.
  • The policy of the educative process or curriculum plan, which is a sequence of scholastic tasks, will allow ample knowledge of the world and knowledge of oneself.
  • The educational mediums and characteristics of each school must build a cultural atmosphere which forms an integrated system of learning and desirable behavior.  Our mission statement is founded on one particular philosophical foundation: what it means to be human and our life path as humans; from a cultural interpretation: what our personal progress and social development means to us; and lastly, from an educational perspective: learning has intrinsic values and with the correct use of technology these values can be integrated into the learners own set of values.
  • Our mission statement recognizes freedom and creative intelligence as its core; order, and institutionalization as vital social processes, and ethics and helping others as processes that give life meaning.
  • The character that the Institution tries to establish amongst our students is referred to as the SEK style. This character refers to the aspiration of an educated person who constantly looks for personal and social improvement.
  • Our curriculum is comprised of syllabuses from each of our different schools, with each school continuing to improve on their existing curriculum.

The methodology of SEK schools, which promote individual and group work as well as open, flexible and participative learning, is supported by the home room model and the implementation of technology in the classrooms. This system of personalized teaching allows unrivaled support to the student, and from a human perspective; intimate support, which can be found not only in our homerooms, but in our school texts, libraries, sport facilities, after school workshops and cafeterias etc.

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